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Business & Information Technology Consulting

Transcontinental Consulting creates a teaming relationship with our clients to provide iterative integrated business program support services to assist in planning, initiating, managing, executing, and closing out strategic mission-oriented business programs and projects. 

Operating environments for global organizations are becoming increasingly more complex.  No matter how difficult the issue or challenge the circumstances facing your organization, Transcontinental Consulting has the capability and capacity to deliver answers for a seamless solution.  We will work closely with you to identify a strategy, implement the solution, and provide relevant after-action reviews to ensure a sustainable, successful outcome.

The shift in global corporate development requires a communicative and collaborative effort that takes a larger and more comprehensive view of the organization’s activities. We integrate the CMMi process and behavioral model to helps organizations streamline process improvement, encourage productivity, and efficient behaviors that decrease risks in software, product, and service development.



  • Project Planning

  • Stakeholder Management 

  • Schedule Development

  • Requirements Management

  • Risks Management

  • Change Management

  • Quality Management

  • Configurations Management

  • Forecasting

  • Cost

  • Industry Benchmark

  • Reengineering

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